Custom Audio Designs Inc.
Our audio services include, but are not limited to installation of recievers and speakers, repair of equipment, maintenance of installed equipment, surround sound applications, and creation of home theatres.

We can place orders for any parts or equipment you are looking for, including speakers, recievers, and anything nesissary to make your equipment work like new!

We offer many services to help you with your television including installation of cable boxes and recievers, home theatre designs, diagnosis of equipment errors and nesissary repairs, and replacement remotes.

Here at Custom Audio Designs, we work with you to find the best products to suit your needs.
Special Task Setups
Keypad System: Custom Audio can install a touchpad system to control all of your audio and video with the touch of a button!

Universal Remotes: Custom Audio can combine all of your television and audio system remotes into one remote.The universal remote can then be used to control all of the audio and video in one room!
for all of your audio and video needs!
Need someone to install your new sound system?
Need someone to install a home theatre?
Custom Audio Designs     is here to help!
   |  phone number: 440-473-0430

Not only do we install audio and video equipment, we can specially order items for you to customize your system with!
Prefer a certain brand? We can order your preference and install it for you!

Custom Audio Designs INC was launched in 1998 by Jeff Sears. We specialize in many different facets of the audio and video industry including surround sound, complete home music system, Bose systems, reciever and speaker systems, and television installation. We also do all of our own wiring.

Custom Audio Designs is available for home theatre consultations and installs! We can help you make your dream theatre come to life. Check out our "Contact" tab to get started!