Custom Audio Designs Inc.
Our audio services include, but are not limited to installation of speakers and recievers (70 volt mono or stereo), repair of existing equipment, maintenence of installed equipment, and creation of television based rooms.

We can also place orders for any audio equipment you are looking to purchase, including speakers, recievers, and parts needed to make old systems work like new!

We offer many services to help you with your CCTV, including installation of wiring, mounting of cameras, and and repair.

Here at Custom Audio Designs, we work with you to find the best products for your situation. We make sure that your system works and makes sense to you, and are always available for questions.

Let us help you with your CCTV!

for all of your audio and video needs!
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   |  phone number: 440-473-0430
Not only do we install audio and video equipment, we can specially order items for you to customize your system with!
Prefer a certain brand? We can order your preference and install it for you!

Welcome to the commercial division of Custom Audio Designs. We offer an array of products to suit all of your businesses needs. Whether you are interested in installing televisions for your restaurants dining room, or want to put in CCTV to protect your business, we are here to help. We can wire for phone systems and internet, install camera systems, wire and install sound systems, and help your business with extraordinary audio and video systems.